Monday, December 07, 2020

Haruka, Sambhali's Intern from Japan!

 Hello, this is Haruka! I joined Sambhali Trust as an internet in October. This is my final work because my internship ends now in November. Today, I tell you about what I learned during this internship. During the last week of my internship, I conducted a survey about marriage. I asked several questions to people in Japan, India and Germany. In this graph, the answer “Yes” is shown in red and “No” in blue. From the survey, I realized that more people in India emphasize the social status or class than in other countries like Japan or Germany. Additionally, I was surprised that the way of thinking about marriage is different in the counties. In Japan and Germany, marriage is always connected to love but in India, it isn’t always with love. In India, the women’s status in families is lower than in other countries. But still, it also depends on the family and the region they live in. In some families, both men and women’s status are equal like in most families in my country Japan. The women‘s family status in India is similar to old Japanese tradition: the wife does the household and the husband works for they family. In Japan, this old tradition was changed because of globalization. I think with lots of effort of the Indian government, stimulation from other counties, NGOs, and also women’s effort itself can solve problems about women’s empowerment in India. During this internship, it was difficult to help women in bad situations because of COVID-19. However, I think learning something is the first step to help people. My next step is to tell my experience to my friends. After this pandemic, I want to go India, and join these activities in person!


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