Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Picnic for the Children of Sambhali

Last weekend, a picnic had been organized for the staff, volunteers and women of Sambhali Trust. This weekend, it was time for the children to be gathered to share a good time at Mandore Gardens. About a hundred and thirty people were gathered on 24th February, near the beautiful monuments of the gardens. It was the first large-scale event organized for the children of the centers since the creation of the primary education centers.

The children and their teachers organized many games, such as lemon and spoon races, jumping over the skipping rope, frog races, duck duck goose, or rope pulling… Everyone seemed happy to be there and enjoyed this joyful moment.

All the children, staff and volunteers were provided with a full meal from a caterer of Jodhpur. It heart-warming to see so many people united by something as simple and obvious as a good meal !

ChloƩ Cuvilliez

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