Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Celebrating Holi in Sambhali Trust

The two national and even international festival days of the Holi bring together the Hindu community every year in March. The common goal is to celebrate a renewal in the year, corresponding to the purification of his soul by the recognition and the externalization of his sins. The cult of the Gods, the throwing of multicolored flowers or  sheaves of colored powders are at the rendez-vous, and at Sambhali Trust especially !

This year, this event took place on Thursday and Friday, 1st and 2nd of March. But since Holi is the occasion to exchange smiles, surprises, music, and also good food it is also a great opportunity to strengthen the humans relationship of the community of the Trust!

Thus, Sambhali Trust organized a special event on 28th February 2018 for the staff, volunteer, women and children of the Trust.
We welcomed in the patio of Durag Niwas guesthouse about thirty women and about twenty children coming from different centers in Jodhpur. We celebrated the event with traditional music, performed by talented musicians. The famous yellow, red, white flowers, falling from the upper floors exulted us with joy. The entire Sambhali Trust team was there, laughing under a shower of flowers : volunteers, women and children are invited to go into a trance to find a certain balance in their lives. It was a couple of hours which seemed to be out of time and space, we were transported by the pleasure of being so united for a single common cause and shared values.

On February 2nd, we celebrated Holi with the colored powders with the volunteers and members of the Sambhali Trust staff. It was an amazing morning, between rainbow colors and water jets, everyone finished it in a very particular state. The pictures speak for themselves.
We will remember these two days as an opportunity for the Indians to share a joy such as Christmas, to start the spring with a new surge of joy and aspirations. May your new spring also shine with us and all the women of Sambhali Trust.


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